Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


Permeability testing for Water Vapour, Petrol, Diesel, Hydraulic fluids, and Refrigerants

Measuring the permeability of industrial gasses Meter
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Packaging Seals, pipes, joints, membranes, filters, mastics, O rings, cables and sheaths can be good at keeping liquids out.  Sadly many commonly used vapours and gases can pass straight through them.  Food can rot, electronics deteriorate, components rust – even planes, rockets and computers have failed, simply because many materials don’t keep vapour in or out.   This cost the UK over £8bn last year alone

Versaperm Limited, a world leader in measuring and testing vapour permeability, has launched a new way to measure this easily, quickly and accurately for a wide range of gases including water vapour, CO2, O2, N2, He, petrol, diesel, hydraulic fluids and refrigerants. 

The new Versaperm MK VI meter has a wide range of uses in UK businesses, gives results that are as accurate as a few parts per hundred million for some gases.   The permeability of some materials can be obtained in as little as 30 minutes whereas conventional gravimetric testing takes several days for a single measurement. 

The meter’s highly automated computerised control makes it easy to produce results, requiring at most a few minutes training, even to cope with several samples at a time.  Sensitivities are high and naturally dependent on the specific vapour under test.

As well as instrument sales the company also offers a comprehensive permeability laboratory testing service and consultancy


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