Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


Plant respiration meter boosts shelf-life for fruit and vegetables
For both loose and pre-packed produce

Ground remediation  and vapour permeability
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The key to extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables lies in the closeness of the match between their respiration rates and their packaging's oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapour permeabilities.  Getting it wrong can actually slash shelf life but a close match will give results that, considerably, boost freshness, shelf-life, quality and taste. 

Versaperm is launching a dedicated plant respiration system for fruit and vegetables to do this, it enables the user to measure the precise rates of CO2, O2 and water vapour production under a range of temperatures. It can not only measure them in real time for loose fruit and vegetables but it can even measure them when they are actually inside their packaging! – even if they are inside an external chilled cabinet at the time.

The Versaperm meter has, in-built, the versatility to provide a range of respiration measurements in diverse environments and under chilled, heated or ambient conditions.  Its prime aim is to optimise packaging, improve quality and extend shelf life.

The new respiration meter has a highly automated computerised control and, as well as the instrument Versaperm offers both a respiration rate and vapour / gas permeability measurement testing service.


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