Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


The permeability of large and small plasma and LED displays, TVs, monitors, phones & films

permeability of large and small plasma and LED displays
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Large, flexible or curved screens have become very common items in virtually every part of the world – and all of them are vulnerable to water in both liquid and vapour forms. Several of the films that can be used to seal a display from water can be largely ineffective at keeping out water vapour. 

The new Versaperm vapour permeability measurement system can measure this to a high accuracy – not just for flat samples of the sealing film but also for the complete sealed and finished unit as well.  The system even works for the latest curved and flexible screens which tend to be even more vulnerable.

Vapour permeability measurements are typically accurate in the Parts Per Million (PPM) range (PPB in some cases).  The system can measure several materials, samples, electronic enclosures, components or screens at the same time and under a variety of environmental conditions including temperature and humidity.

It is simple to use, fast and extremely accurate.

Although liquid water is relatively simple to keep out with a good seal, water vapour can permeate through the actual material that makes the seal or enclosure.  Many traditional water barrier materials, such as cellulose, EVOH or PVOH, are virtually useless as vapour barriers – which can lead to catastrophic failure.


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