Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


Hi-Performance fabrics and technical textiles

    Hi-Vapour Permeability Performance fabrics and technical textiles

The key characteristics of modern hi-performance fabrics and textiles, including comfort, strength, barrier properties, colour and printability, are often controlled by a single characteristic - vapour permeability. Usually this is water vapour permeability, but, depending on application it can be oxygen hydrogen, CO2 or any other gas,

With market pressure to shorten development timescales, the weeks it takes to make a single ISO 15496:2004 measurement is not a realistic option.  To overcome this Versaperm has developed twin systems, one is fast and precise, taking as little as 30 minutes for some fabrics, and the other is strictly based on ISO methodology to ensure final compliance.

Versaperm's faster "VI Permeability" system gives accuracies in the Part Per Million (PPM) to Parts Per Billion (PPB) ranges and can test multi-layer fabrics as well as multiple samples or finished products at the same time. The automated ISO 15496 system backs this up with standards compliance but takes longer.

For companies not wishing to own their own systems, Versaperm can provide a laboratory service or consultancy using either or both techniques.   


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