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A soggy problem with snacks, confectionery, edible films and packaging
And the high-tech solutions

A soggy problem with snacks, confectionery, edible films and packaging
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It isn't water as a liquid that makes confectionery, snacks and edible films go soggy, stale or even just plain gone-off!  But in almost all normal cases it's water and oxygen vapour.  They also help control the quality of print and barrier protection of the packaging as well

So, to extend product life and quality, it becomes critically important to measure the way vapours permeate through the packaging and into the products themselves.  The modern way to measure this both for oxygen and water vapour is the Versaperm MS (Mass Spectrometer) which can measure permeability for these and any combination of additional gases with just a single measurement.

The system works for all confectionery, packaging materials and products, including coatings and edible films.  It even offers a new multi-chamber system which allows you to measure several different products at the same time. 

The equipment can be used on both the materials themselves, or on complete finished packages.  These can be critically important as manufacturing processes may change vapour permeability by a factor of four.  The sealing process can affect it by an even greater amount.

The Versaperm MS is fast, reliable and easy to use - producing results that are accurate in the parts per million or parts per billion ranges.  It offers the ability to control temperature, pressure and other environmental factors and it can test metalized foil packages, sachets, sugar, starch and molecular coatings barrier films.  Additionally it allows the user to determine the equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) of products that might decompose using other measuring techniques.

As well as manufacturing the instruments, Versaperm offers a technical consultancy service plus a permeability testing service for companies that need to test packaging or materials on an irregular basis.


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